Digital Media Technologies

About the company

DMT stands for bespoke solutions that add value to our clients and partners.

We work on some of the most iconic large-format and high-resolution digital screen installations in the UK. We offer full consultancy on all aspects including content and campaigns management, AR, MR, VR, audience engagement and analytics, real-time high-resolution 3D graphics playout, secure networking, hardware installation, service, support and much more.

What we did

We designed the logo and website.

Logo Design: The logo becomes the ‘sum of its parts’. Creating simple combinations ‘cirlces and squares’ arranged in an organic manner to evolve into the ‘screen’ design with the high lighted colour section representing both the ‘wrap’ around and the ‘ d ‘ element of ‘ digital’ in a contemporary –
abstract form.

Collectively this forms a cohesive and asthetically pleasing logo design
that fuses the elements of dmt into a design that portrays a confident
and meaningful logo that gives a visual voice to the brand.

Web Design: We created a modern, clean contemporary style website with a time-lapse video of ‘Piccadilly Circus’ in West End London. Which is the main focus of advertising for DMT.

The website is big and bold and a high usage of the company work over the years.

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